Never Scared

Scare Don't Fear

Scare Don't Fear It is said that in order to succeed in life one must be hard-working, relentless and determine. SCARE DON’T FEAR, from Providence, Rhode Island is exactly that. The dedication of the Hip-Hop/Metal phenomena known as SDF is one of a kind. Their ambition and unyielding effort to produce quality music has ensured them a spot as one of the upcoming metal bands any fan of heavy music NEEDS to know...

With the perfect mix of hip hop, rap and metal; music making is not just a hobby of SCARE DON’T FEAR… it is their daily ritual. Having just released their debut EP, “Blinded”, SDF are ready to do whatever necessary in order to make their mark on the national circuit. 2011 will consist of touring heavily in support of their EP with hopes of spreading the word of the band and connecting with as many new fans as possible. If you have yet to experience a live performance by SDF you should put that at the top of your “To-Do” list. The havoc and intensity brought by SDF is rarely seen this day in age. They have a unique peer to peer interaction with their fans which when watching a SDF show one may not feel like they are watching a band play on a stage, instead the feeling is more so as if one is watching something greater, a movement… Be prepared, SDF are ready to make their mark.
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