Namine Ritsu

Namine Ritsu Namine Ritsu is a voice for the singing-synthesis software UTAU voiced by Canon. His name written in Japanese is 波音リツ.

According to his official character description, he is a 6 year old male who likes crossdressing. He has missiles in his bust and weights 200 tons. You can interpret him as you like, though.
The hair is described as a flaming red and the eyes are supposed to be maziora, also known as ChromaFlair.

He has a normal voicebank in either CV or VCV, also known as his whisper voicebank, a strong VCV voicebank, a "Kire", a strong and powerful, voicebank with two appends for C5 called "power" and "shout", a CVVC voicebank with English phonemes (which still provides poor English and is known to be very hard to use), a CVVC "Eve" voicebank, also known as some kind of a "funny pronunciation" voicebank, and the new "Mabayu&Uruha" voicebanks, that are both recorded in CVVC and are supposed to resemble the Kagamine mirror twins, representing both a girl and a boy voicebank.
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