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Miri Mesika

Miri Mesika Miri Mesika (Hebrew מירי מסיקה, born May 3, 1978 in Herzliya, Israel) is an Israeli singer and actress.

As a young kid she loved fine arts. Miri studies since elementry school and during high school how to play the fluit and the guitar, and how to do sculpturing and painting. At her high school she had theater as her major field.

After Miri was released from the army service, she went to the the school of arts Rimon where she also met Keren Peles and from then on they became friends. Miri's studies were focused on theater and singing. Miri discovered at the age of 16 that she loves to do these two things. At Rimon she was noticed by her teachers for her singing skills and one of her teachers, the famous Israeli singer Ricky Gal, told Miri her thoughts of how gifted her singing skills are and how lovely voice is. So Miri continued developing her singing skills too.

After graduating from her studies her talent didn’t pass by and she was signed by Hed Artzi, one of the biggest music labels in Israel, for a contract with the agreement that she will release 5 albums under their label. This is a very big amount of albums and a very long contract, which isn’t common in the Israeli music. This contract clearly showed how much faith Hed Artzi had in their young talent.

In 2005 she also participated in a big theater play called Solomon the King and Shlomay the Cobbler. In this play Miri played alongside famous actors like Avi Kushnir and Galit Giat. The show had national success.

During April 2005 Miri released her debut album. The songs on the album were written by many famous song writers, among them Shimon Buskila, Tzruya Lahav, Aiya Corem and of course her close friend Keren Peles. The album was called Miri Mesika and the songs that became the biggest hits from it were the songs that were written by her friend Keren. These were the songs To There and November and had lots of chart success. But Miri says her favorite song from the successful album is the song called No One that was written by Tzruya Lahav.

The album has reached Platinum status and in February 2006 she was chosen as Singer of the Year by the Israeli Music Channel 24. In the same month her song "Coming To You" was chosen as one of the most played songs of the year 2005.

Currently Miri is busy with many activities, she is married and has a house to run. She also sang the theme song for the Israeli movie called Aviva My Love, which is now playing at cinemas in Israel. Beside that she has a part in the movie called 3 Mothers, in which she will not only act but also sing.

Miri also started touring the country with a show from her album and has a busy schedule of performances. Her own favorite singers and the ones she likes to listen to the most are Ricky Gal, Rita, Gali Atari and Etti Ankri.
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