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Miriam Méndez

Miriam Méndez Pianist, composer and arranger with the ability to dance and sing: Miriam is an artist. Her high level classical education combined with her passion and power allow her to compose and perform in a unique way. Born in Seville into a family of musical tradition, Miriam started her musical training at the age of three. At the age of five, she composed the music and wrote the lyrics to her first song. Throughout her childhood, Miriam lived between two worlds: flamenco at home and classical music at conservatories and schools all over Europe (i.e. "Incontri col Maestro") with the full support of international teachers such as Lazar Berman, Ricardo Chailly, etc.

After the success of her first album "Bach por Flamenco", produced by Michael Haas who has won six Grammys, Miriam became a regular and popular performer at internationals music festivals such as the International Festival Antalya (Turkey), International Piano Festival in Barcelona (Spain) or Berlin International Film Festival (Germany) sharing the stage with other famous performers including Chick Corea, Paco de Lucia, Michael Camilo, Tomatito, Andrei Gravilov, Arcadi Volodos, Fazil Say etc. Recently, "Bach por Flamenco" has been covered by renown Turkish singer Sertab Erener who won the Eurovision Song Contest. On the occasion of the Year of Mozart, the Foundation "Don Juan de Borbón" commissioned Miriam with a new project that became her second album "Mozart, Sueño Flamenco". Being another major success, this LP led to various covers at publications such as Diva as well as numerous shows in major Central European cities and China, including the Shanghai EXPO.

Most recently, not only did Miriam compose the musical "Lilith Carmen" (premiered at the Biennial of Flamenco Art in the Chaillot National Theatre in Paris) but she also performed in the show as a pianist, a singer, a dancer as well as a percussionist.
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