Muhabbet Git


Muhabbet Muhabbet's real name is Murat Ersen and was born in Cologne on the 3rd August of 1984.
Muhabbet is one of the most known turkish singers in Germany and other german language Countries. Muhabbet and his brother Ersen (known as $iki Pa!) are making music since Muhabbet was eleven years old. So today they produced and sang over 580 songs. Murat's voice was downloaded and known, in many P2P-Programs like KaZaa, with another name as Muhabbet. The Songs was named like "Cetin Cetinkaya" but this is a fault, almost every song was written, produced and sang by Murat. One of the great things in Murats Carreer is that his first single "Sie liegt in meinen Armen" almost 250.000 times downloaded about P2P, long before the single even was released.
Now he is signed to Sony-BMG and is producing his second LP.
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