Mauro Buona Sera Signorina


Mauro There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Mauro is a Belgian musician. Mauro Pawlowski has played in groups like Evil Superstars (with Tim Vanhamel and Dave Schroyen from Millionaire), The Love Substitutes (on drums, with Rudy Trouvé, Craig Ward,..), Mauro & The Grooms and at the moment as guitarplayer with dEUS (with Tom Barman, Klaas Janszoons).
Not only his 'guitar-arts' but also his voice brings you in an ecstasy from which it's really hard to be freed.
For the record: this Mauro is the right one on the picture.

2) Mauro (born in Kitzingen am Main, Germany) comes from a musical family from Triest. His father Dario – a skilled cook – was an opera singer who presented his artistry even at the famous New York Metropolitan Opera.

Apart from his singing talent, Mauro also inheritated the art of cooking from his father. This was why he trained as a restaurant consultant in several companies; for many years now, Mauro has been managing his own restaurant.

But singing was, and still is, a great passion of Mauro. With the bands „Electric Sun“, „Harley“ and the disco formation „Mauro & Control Competition“ he did small time, took first credits and earned some pocket-money.

The acquaintance with Claus Matthias, the guitar-player from „Relax“ and solo artist who tailored the summer hit to fit Mauro and who – together with the sound talent Ferdinand Förster – also produced his song, was the reason why Mauro summoned up courage to make the decisive step towards a pop singer career.

Several chart hits and many appearances followed.

In the end of 2006, OTRE-MEDIA (Mauro´s present exclusive management in Cologne, Germany) rediscovered Mauro due to the enquiry of a Russian agency for 2 mega-events.

Having done these „magic“ appearances, Mauro realized that this is his comeback. Several CDs with his hits (Europe-wide), one DVD of the Russia events and numerous festivals prove this.

Current situation (as of May 2007):
With the modern party version remake of his hit „Buona Sera – Ciao Ciao“ (beginning of April 2007), Mauro seems to have hit the right nerve again, because EMI will be publishing the hit on the double-CD Sampler „Goldstrand Hits 2007“ (d.o.p.: May 18th, 2007).

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