XXX Though many have simply tagged the soundtrack to the Vin Diesel film "xXx" incorrectly, there are at least six artists with variations of this name:

1) XXX, a glitter-glam rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in late year 2007 / early year 2008.

2) XXX, psychedelic rock band, active late '70s. Released "Live - First Legal Bootleg Album" in year 1973.

3) XXX is progressive / metal five-piece band from Riga, Latvia formed by members of such inactive Latvian scene bands like Diversity, Cripple Fiction, Defame, S.I.L.S., and Strain.

4) XXX, German skinhead hardcore band. Appeared on the recent compilation, "Hier Tobt Der Bär".

5) XXX, German indie / punk band. Released "Vorstadtkindereien" in March 2007.

6) XXX, experimental rock band, active late '90s. Released "Black Shoe #7" in year 1998.

7) XXX, a dutch punk/hardcore (nederpunk) band in the 80s.
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