XXX Maniak

XXX Maniak In 2004, two men who have stints as being label bosses, pro gamblers, strip club owners, and pornography producers decided to peruse the next logical step in their life experiences. Jason Sidote aka Anthony West and Matt Moore aka Michael Yale formed XXX Maniak to find absolution and penance through true musical social commentary, which led to their acclaimed underground debut demo release "Harvesting The Cunt Nectar".

XXX Maniak left little to the psychotically perverse and strange imagination. The synthesis of elements wrought with sex, murder, crime, drug deals and dark humor bring a unique tangible maliciousness to the grind game.

The core of 3XM will always be comprised of two individuals. The slime of life that formed the black heart of XXX Maniak though grew tendrils that extended out to include many contributors for the overall mass consumption to the Slimers...
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