Kondencuotas Pienas

Kondencuotas Pienas Kondencuotas Pienas is a downtempo/drum'n'bass producer from Lithuania. He began making electronics in 2003.
He is known for his deep and warm sounds found on his downtempo, lounge, house or drum'n'bass tracks.

Kondencuotas Pienas also records under alias of Spotless, somtimes used for releases outside Lithuania.

He has already released tracks under the flags of Outsiders (United Kingdom), Lemongrassmusic (Germany) labels and others.
In addition to that, he has recently started his own imprint Horizontal Madness with it's moto - convenient drum'n'bass music - music for chilling and head nod. Check www.horizontal-madness.com for label's releases.

Also visit http://www.kondencuotaspienas.lt/ for FREE Kondencuotas Pienas tunes from lounge to drum'n'bass.

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