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...aaaarrghh... ...Aaaarrghh... is a Turkish Black Metal band that originally formed in 1994 as Aeon, playing death metal. The band moved on to the black metal scene and became '...Aaaarrghh...'. Since then they have released one demo, and two full-length albums. There were also two other demos from ...Aaaarrghh... recorded that were never officially released; 'From The Darkness I Am Called' (1996) and 'Spirits Of The Ancient Ones' (1997). ...Aaaarrghh... consists of two members, whom prefer to remain anonymous (for reasons unknown). Unlike most Turkish Black Metal bands, the lyrics of their songs are written and remain entirely in Turkish.

All their released material is available for download at their site, http://www.aaaarrghh.com (256kbps MP3s). The (Turkish) lyrics are also provided.
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