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Torchbearer There are two bands called Torchbearer

1) a Black /Death Metal band from Sweden.

2) a Hardcore band from New Brunswick, New Jersey

1) Torchbearer is what many would call an "all-star" metal band originating from Sweden. Current members include veterans Christian Älvestam from Scar Symmetry, Patrik Gardberg, Mikael Degerman and Pär Johansson from Satariel and Henrik Schönström from Unmoored.

Torchbearer plays melodic death metal with thrash and black metal influences - all in their own trademark style. The debut album "Yersinia Pestis" was released by Metal Blade under license from Cold Records throughout Europe and USA in 2004.

The latest album "Warnaments" is, like the debut album, a concept album lyricwise. While the debut dealt with the black plague and it's horrible effects through medieval Europe, "Warnaments" deals with two special occasions from World War I. Mainly it´s about the Battle of Jutland, which was a massive naval battle between the British and the Germans. Apart from that, two of the songs concern the sinking of a german submarine outside the coast of Great Britain in 1915.

Line Up:
Pär Johansson - Vocals
Christian Älvestam - Guitar / Additional Vocals
Patrik Gardberg - Guitar
Plec - Bass

2) Torchbearer is a hardcore band from New Jersey involving members of Nora, Mother Night, RSO, Hellhole, Red All Over and The Fire Still Burns.
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