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Kater Fritz The Band "Kater Fritz" was formed in August 2005 in Hamburg, Germany. It was thought as the second and parallel project to the band "The Jeopards". All the musiciants of "The Jeopards" took part in "Kater Fritz". The reason of such a split into two bands was simple. "The Jeopards" played the music based on rock'n'roll, beat and blues of 50's and 60's. "Kater Fritz" should have become something very different. Taking as a base the classical art-, progressive- and jazz-rock from 70's and some hard- and blues-rock, plus a bit of folk elements, this band was seen to be more experimental and innovative. Moreover, the language of the lyrics of KF was chosen to be Russian, whereas "The Jeopards" sang in English.

Initially, the line-up was classical: two guitars, bass and drums, namely:

Denis Petrov - lead-, rhythm-guitar, main vocals

Max Tymen - bass, back-vocals

Leo Marchenko - lead-, rhythm-guitar, percussion

Denis Gutzeit - drums, percussion.

In September 2005 the first demo-recording was made with the help of guys from the band "S.L.A.P."
In July 2006 a saxophonist Vsevolod Zubarev joined the band. He had played with us for 4 months and left the band in November 2006.
At the time, two band successfully exist in parallel. Sometimes we play both KF and TJ stuff in one gig.
"Kater Fritz" took part in several russian rock-festivals in Germany such as "Rockinvasion" , "Pi-rock", "Territory".
The Band had also several airplays at local TV-channels in Northern Germany, such as "Kiel TV" or "H1 Hanover", as well as on radio (KURS Radio, Cologne).
Michail Rudkovskiy (flute) joined the band in April 2007.
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