Kakistocracy Kakistocracy is a crust hardcore band that formed in 1997. The band originally formed in Bristol, Virginia with guitarist and vocalist Matt Casteel, bassist and vocalist Daniel Surber, and drummer Josh Kelly. The band relocated for a time to Johnson City, Tennessee, eventually having all the members in Asheville, North Carolina by 2008. They have also toured extensively throughout their existence, including a 2+ month tour of Europe in 2006.

They are currently working on a second LP, which has been recorded, but not yet released.

Members currently play in the bands Soothsayer (Piitsburgh, PA) and Autarch (Asheville, NC).

Other related bands: Sunshine SS, Flies Around It, Nasty Ponies, Pox Americana.


demo cassette (1999 self-released)
I Pledge Defiance 3-way cd split with Besk and Citizen's Oppression Project (2000 Arson Records)
...And So You Spill Your Children's Blood 7" (2001 Arson Records)
Authority Abuse / Kakistocracy split 7" (2002 Anthem For Doomed Youth)
tour cd-r (2003 self-released)
Cast Aside Your Chains and Dance LP (2004 self-released, 2005 Profane Existence, released in Europe in 2006. cd-r pressings in the US and cassette pressings in Europe also exist)
An Apology 7" (2008 Humdinger Records / Rust And Machine Records / Halo Of Flies Records)
Kakistocracy / Nux Vomica split 7" (2008 Humdinger Records / To Live A Lie Records)
Winter Soldier LP (to be released in 2011)

Many compilation tracks also exist.
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