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Hikikomori There are four artists known with the name Hikikomori.

Hikikomori (ひきこもり or 引き篭り lit. "pulling away, being confined," i.e., "acute social withdrawal") is a Japanese term to refer to the phenomenon of reclusive adolescents and young adults who have chosen to withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement due to various personal and social factors in their lives. The term "hikikomori" refers to both the sociological phenomenon in general as well as to individuals belonging to this societal group.

(1) Hikikomori is a metal band from Santa Fe, Argentina.
The band was born the 06 of June of 2006 (06/06/06) and their music have strong influences of genres like death metal, grindcore, early metalcore, mathcore, post-hardcore, and others. The official name of this band is 引き篭り, which is the Japanese way to write Hikikomori.

The release of their first EP is coming up, this album will be called De(s)cerebrate and will contain 4 tracks. They are still working in the last song of this album, they hope to have it ready in a few months.

By the moment, and while they continue working in De(s)cerebrate, they has recorded a song for the underground compilation album Invasion Mosquito 3, which will be in the streets soon. The song's title is One Yottabyte of Hate and can be downloadable for free from here

(2) Hikikomori is an instrumental duo from Madrid based on the improv exploration of guitar harmonies and testures through digital treatments to create a powerful ambient motion. Their #1 album, expanses from bright and dreamy atmospherics with distorted drifting melodies,rumbling drones or harsh sonics, trying always to keep the pulsing tone. Recommended for listeners of guitar voyagers as James Plotkin,Justin Broadrick,Belong,Fear Falls Burning, Growing or even Fennesz or Tim Hecker.

(3) Hikikomori is also the name for a one-off psytrance alias of Ott, who released the track Black Ops on the Unusual Suspects 2 compilation from Twisted Records in 2005.

(4) last but not least Hikikomori is the name of a oneperson projekt based in freiburg. the first album child with an environment in which to grow was recorded in the early summer of 2009.

(5) Dark ambient /ritual music from Tours (France).
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