Music For Pleasure

Music For Pleasure Founded in Leeds circa 1979 by David Whitaker (Keyboards),Alan Peace (vocals) Martin King (Bass) and Sean Wheatley (Drums). They were originaly signed to Rockburgh records and recorded "The Human Factor" for the Northern Bands compilation " Hicks from the Sticks " put together by Sounds magazine writer Des Moines.
Mark Copson took over the vocal role and Sean Wheatley also left the band in 1980 to be replaced by Christopher Oldroyd.

(Obviously) influenced by the punk scene, Kraftwerk and Krautrock and sounding very "new wave-ish" they went on to release a couple of singles on the Rage label part of Dick James Music (of Elton John fame)
"The Human Factor" b/w "Madness At The Mission" (RAGE 1) 7" was released in 1980, followed by "Fuel To The Fire" b/w "Debris" (RAGE 2) 7" in 1981.

Music For Pleasure moved on to Polydor Records in 1982, releasing several singles and an album.
Martin King was replaced by Ivor Roberts, and their first LP "Into The Rain" (Polydor POLS 1070) was produced by legendary Mike Hedges (responsible for The Cure, The Banshees, Associates, The Passions, and many more).Music for pleasure went on to tour with such 80s luminaries as U2,Simple minds and Talk Talk.

Polydor dropped the band in 1983 and they went on to release several records on their own label called Whirlpool, before disbanding in 1985.

David Whitaker went on to join the The Danse Society (circa '86), and drummer Christopher Oldroyd appeared on Red Lorry Yellow Lorry's "Paint The Wagon" (circa '87).

Music For Pleasure photos by Philippe Carly:
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