Jurij Shatunov


Jurij Jurij, Hungary's one and only SOCROCK band, was formed in Nyiregyhaza, in February 2001. After playing high school gigs, they gained more and more attention in the region. They were hardly 6 months old, when getting the chance to play at Hungary's second largest festival in Tokaj. They published their first tape-album, Szocrock, right before the festival. Receiving invitations from venues outside Nyiregyhaza, they could visit and play in cities like Budapest, Békéscsaba or Gyula. The schedule of next year was quite similar. After the high school and club concerts in winter and spring, a show at Hegyalja Festival, and a new record, Csipkebokorvesszo. However, 2002 was a milestone in the life of the band, as it brought about the first occassion they could show themselves for a bigger crowd, opening for Hungary's number one alternative group, Kispal es a Borz. In 2003, Jurij started to work on their third material, Kazetta, which would be the first to come out on CD, but probably due to the growing tension among band members, the recording did not go smoothly. The date of publishing was postponed to next year. The tension lead to changes, Adam Gutyan and Nabil Karsheh left Jurij, replaced by Gergely Szatmari on bass and Daniel Sandor on drums. The band spent the following months with intensive rehearsals. Old songs had to be learnt and some of them reconsidered. Also, the new line-up started to write new songs, which became popular among fans quite soon. After giving a massive number of concerts, they returned to the studio again in 2005, to record their first album, Ilyenek vannak, with the new guys. The CD contains five old and five new songs, among them Utazás and Egerbe. Since then, they have played at most of the largest festivals in the country and smaller ones as well. They have had the chance to play with the greatest Hungarian bands, like Colorstar, Pal Utcai Fiuk, Kispal es a Borz, Emil Rulez, or Nyers. Currently, the band is working on their upcoming release, while being on the road playing as much as they can.
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