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Won James Won

Won James Won Won James Won started as a studio project but pretty soon embraced concert activity. Their music is a ferocious mixture of styles which rely mostly on collage technique. First LP, "Tol's Toy", was released on R.A.I.G. label in the Spring of 2004. It is a surreal journey through noisy soundscapes, unconventional song structures and heavily processed field recordings. Some songs include freaky vocal exercises, lyrics are mostly in Russian. Next year the band released a live CD, "The Drisneyland Chronicles, Vol.I", which documented some of their concerts during 2004-2005 (including material of side-project, MUX). Music is mostly instrumental, in drone-ambient and guitar-noise vein with brief insertions of more melodic stuff. In March 2006 Won James Won released their second studio album entitled "Theorist Attack". This is a more coherent and textured collection of tracks, but still embracing many inspirations (art-rock, underground hip-hop, noise, folktronica, etc). This LP also includes twisted covers of songs by Fugazi, Slapp Happy and Eric Clapton. In April 2006 the band composed a free-form noise soundtrack for the very first Soviet cartoon "Interplanetary Revolution" (the different version of the soundtrack was concieved by Silence Kit). Currently Won James Won are polishing their live recordings ( made with sister project Konzy Sveta ) and pre-pepper further studio sessions.
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