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Zombie Zombie

Zombie Zombie There are at least 2 bands named Zombie Zombie:

1. Influenced by Krautrock (e.g., Can, Neu!) as well as horror soundtracks (e.g., Goblin, John Carpenter), Zombie Zombie is a French indie electronic duo with a penchant for vintage synthesizers.

Composed of Etienne Jaumet (synths) and Cosmic Neman (drums), the duo made their recording debut in 2006 with the Zombie-Zombie 12" EP on Boomboomtchak Records. The duo then moved to Versatile Records and released Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free (2007), a 12" single that preceded the release of the accompanying full-length A Land for Renegades (2008).

In 2007, also on Versatile Records, Jaumet made his solo recording debut with Repeat Again After Me, a 12" release featuring a remix of the title track by Âme


2. Zombie Zombie was a dark and screamy synth, bass, and drums outfit from Colorado, existing roughly between 2000-2004. Recorded material includes a s/t CD-R, a CDEP and three split 7" records (with bands Friends Forever, Like Tigers and The Kindercide).
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