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Korekyojinn Korekyojinn (是巨人; Korekyojin) is a Japanese progressive Rock trio led by drummer Yoshida Tatsuya (吉田達也), of Ruins and Koenji Hyakkei (高円寺百景) fame. The trio is completed by guitarist Kido Natsuki from Bondage Fruit and bassist Mitsuru Nasuno from Altered States, Daimonji and Ground Zero. The group was formed in 2009, when they released their first album Korekyojin. They released two recordings, Korekyojin and Isotope, under John Zorns label Tzadik. Arabesque was released on Sonore, and the group's most recent three releases, Jackson (2006), Swan Dive (2009), and Tundra (2011) are released on Magaibutsu Limited.

Their music, being fairly complex, while still proving beautiful melody, is purely instrumental except for some improvised tracks on Swan Dive. Every instrument is treated equally and no one really takes over the role as a front man. They would usually take a theme, sometimes harmonic, most of the time chromatic though, and evolve around it, jamming at "the wild edge of improvisation" [see tzadik.com]. There are many contrasts noticeable throughout all their work: almost every song has its weird, crazy and disharmonic parts, as well as its relaxing, nice melodies. Their creativity for the themes makes each piece of work unique though. Some few songs do not fit into their style at all, and contribute to their experimental side (tax your patience), like their song 'Hash' of their Isotope album.

All in all, Korekyojin prove high musicianship, being able to bring dynamics and creative art into rock music. They don't seem to want to show off, but rather simply have fun with their fast and odd beats.
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