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Bergerac Mixing the melodic, elegant, and aggressive, Bergerac is a visual kei band probably known best for their light, cheery songs, but they're also very talented when it comes to making darker, heavy tracks. This span of styles helped gain them popularity in the indies scene, as they were able to reach fans of different sounds.

Vocal: 樹 (Itsuki)
Guitar: 莎月 (Satsuki) (Risky vice → Bergerac)
Guitar: 鳴海 (Narumi) (CHAPLIN → kewpie(サキ) → Bergerac(鳴海))
Bass: たつは (Tatsuha) (月冴-tsukisaya- → Bergerac)
Drums:イル (Iru) (Die La'vice(イオリ) → Bergerac(イル) → ZUCK(大河))

Guitar: かずき (Kazuki) (MerCurius(玖螺) → Bergerac(かずき) → TAKERU SOLDIERS(support))
Drums: 優 (You) (Bergerac → 1stギルド → ベルベット → Ap(r)il)
Guitar: 御髪 (Migushi) (La via → Bergerac → オーダーメイド(Gt.→Ba.))
Bass: 京介 (Kyosuke) (La via → Bergerac)

Activity: 2004 - 2009
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