Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes Behind the Scenes was founded in 1993 by Melrow (Vocals, Programming), and Fred B.(Bass, Programming). Started as a small project, Behind the Scenes quickly grow and the first demo-tape was recorded.

In 1998 they recorded their first album, called "FRAGMENT" which entered directly into the german alternative charts (DAC) and stayed there for several weeks.

Their second album "HOMELESS" was released in 2000 by "Bloodline" and afterwards in the USA through Dancing Ferret Disks. And again they´ve entered the german alternativ charts with the Single-CD "Human". By the way there was an US-version of the "HOMELESS" containing 3 bonus tracks including the radio version of "Human" and two remixes, one done by Rogue of "The Crüxshadows".

During that time they played a lot of concerts, e.g. the show at the Zillo-Open-Air in 1999, maybe the main independent festival in Europe during that time or as headliner on the 3rd Dark Convention at Zürich/Switzerland.

Unfortunately their label "Bloodline" crashes down in 2002. Besides their guitarist Sven left the band of sanitary reasons. So Behind the Scenes had to look for an adequate substitute which took a long time. But then finally in 2005 they were successful and found Scholli (Ex-Secret Discovery, Syland, Assassin) as the new and long awaited member. So they start writing new songs and went in september 2005 in the studios to record their long awaited new album "Pure". Meanwhile the band also found a new record-company with the new founded label "In-D Records". Keep ears and eyes wide open for their third album "Pure" which will be released in 05/2006 in Europe (In-D Records / Soulfood) and on 06.06.2006 in USA/Canada (Dancing Ferret.

The style of Behind the Scenes is really unique, somewhere between rock, pop, gothic and of course, electronic elements.
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