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Kulturkampf There are 3 bands called Kulturkampf:

1. A UK anarcho-punk band active from 1982-1985. Released "The Struggle" and "The Corpse of Bureaucracy" cassette demos in 1983 as well as having tracks featured on cassette compilations like "A Potential Migrane" (1985), "Give Peace A Chance (1985)" and "Eject It" (1984).

In 1982, a band called Sub-Zeros split into two different bands. One was Societies Vultures which only lasted until sometime in 1983. Guitarist/vocalist Andy Burden of that band eventually moved to Sunderland and formed the Famous Imposters. The other band, was named Kulturkampf (meaning 'struggle for civilization') which consisted of brothers Mark and Carl Wroe, Paul Kirkwood and new vocalist Karl Gallear.
Their first gig was at Barugh Green, a benefit gig for Barnsley CND supporting the Passion Killers. Karl left the band aferwards after a misdemeanour, leaving the band as a three-pice, just in time for them to record their first demo, 'The Struggle', at Barnsley's Street Life Studios during July 1983. Shortly after, Andy Clough formerly of Sub-Zeros and Societys Vultures, joined as an additional guitarist.
Kulturkampf continued to rehearse in mark's mom's betting shop. One interesting thing about Kulturkampf is that all their equipment was given to them as Christmas and birthday presents. Unfortunately, right before they were set to play at an all-day festival thing at Bierkeller in Leeds, Carl, their durmmer, broke his ankle playing around on a kid's BMX bike.
In November 1983, Kulturkampf went into the Lion Studios in Leeds to record their second, and final, demo, 'The Corpse of Bureaucracy'. To everyone's disbelief, by the time their Mortarhate album was released in early 1986, Kulturkampf had already split up. They played their last show at the Nottingham Narrow Boat with Famous Imposters and the Scumdribblers.
According to the band members, nothing dramatic had caused the split, but they where disillusioned with the lack in the bands progress. In 1984, two of the members began missing rehearsals to focus on their private lifes. Soon after, Kulturkampf were no more.

2. A Hardcore punk band from Watertown, New York. Released two 7" eps ("Too Cold To Smell The Dead" and "Existence E.P.") on Trench Rot records.

3. An Australian black metal band, active from 2011-.

Kulturkampf is the sound of war, the howling of elements, the arcain flail of destruction and the sound of breaking chains. From the flames of the European musical tradition, seared pages of history, and from the wish to manifest into the world the spirit of the Northern people is where the project was given birth. Without straining one with lengthy descriptions, the journey began some time in the 2011, and continuously worked on music that intended to express not only fury and wrath, typical for such bands, but also glory, supremacy and pride. The first chapter - March Through Eternity, - was released in October of 2012, followed half a year later by another instalment, entitled Vanguard. Already new ideas are within the forge; the rest is a mystery of time....


March Through Eternity (demo, 2012, Abysmal Sounds, pro-cassette, lim.100 copies)
Vanguard (demo, April 2013, Abysmal Sounds, pro-cassette)
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