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石渡太輔 石渡太輔 (Daisuke Ishiwatari, Ishiwatari Daisuke, born August 14, 1973 in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a Japanese game developer and is best known for creating the famed 2D fighting game series, Guilty Gear. He designed the characters and storyline, and wrote the music. He also provided the in-game voice for the character Sol Badguy.

His earliest work was a designer for SNK, working only on one game. The game was the cult historical fighter, The Last Blade.

Daisuke Ishiwatari is also noted as being a skilled composer in the metal and rock genres. His songs, found in his signature series, Guilty Gear, feature no lyrics, but intricate guitar work. The albums Guilty Gear XX in LA and Guilty Gear XX in NY include vocals for selected songs, as do three albums in Japanese by the band Lapis Lazuli.
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