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Sexy Sushi

Sexy Sushi Sexy Sushi is an electro punk band from France. The band was born in December 2002. It's two members are Rebeka Warrior and Mitch Silver.

R. Warrior is the 36-year-old singer of Sexy Sushi. She writes the lyrics of the songs and sometimes does the arrangements for some tracks. She also sings and plays in a post-rock band named « Mansfield tya ». Her influences are very varied, from the Berruriers Noirs to Jamiro Pagny or Severine Dion.

M. Silver is the 35-year-old composer of the songs. He uses computers to compose his tracks. Plaid and Daft Punk are two of his favourite artists.

"We met each other by chance at the record dealer of Super U. We shared our respective works and then we quickly started to work on our first tracks. The aim of the band is simply to have fun!"

You can check more about them in their official site: http://sexysushi.free.fr or MySpace Profile.
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