Gimn Ukraini

Gimna Kalwdia

Gimna Kalwdia Gimna Kalodia (translation: Bare Wires) started off in year 2000, from Chris Kalogranis (vocals, guitar) and Thanasis Bourikas (drums). They started as a band experimenting with Rock music, and their first demo recording came in 2001. In the end of 2003, they recorded a second demo entitled ..The Diary of my Last Love.., which was the main milestone before their first actual album in 2005. The band mainly has a hard rock attitude, also combined with the sounds of violin, piano, viola, cello and contrabass. The music writing combines Greek elements with pentatonic scales, and the harmony is traditional, using the classical Riffs. Instrumentation is based on polyphonic processing, containing mimicking and dialogs. Their music is an expression of rage that tries to manipulate its way, without losing control, but also without leaving to rest. The lyrics aim to express basic emotions and attitudes in an excessive way, in order to magnify them and their importance.

The genre of rock it represents is uncertain. Influences though come from Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock and Classical Music. Even though future is not something one can predict, Gimna Kalodia believe in a very energetic root, full of live performances and new songs, which will all help us love more. Each of us in our own way.

Their Songs, are available for download at their official website due to insufficient disk redistribution of their recording company. (Site in greek language) or (Site in english language)
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