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Faraway There are two artists that share this name:

1. Faraway was a Boston, MA based experimental / emo / rock band (2003-2006).

Larry - Vocals/Guitar
Tiny - Bass/Vocals
Collin - The Beats
Luke - Guitar/Vocals

2. An ethereal music duo from Australia, who have released one album on the Prikosnovenie label.

(Liz Van Dort +William Williamson) This new discovery from Australia is for all Louisa John-Krol's fans. Louisa's friend sings in a beautiful way, sometimes indian, sometimes heavenly and always fairylike. This album is a present for all romantic lovers: Liz voice is flying like an angel amongst William Harrison's sweet instruments (guitar, tabla, drums and beautiful synths). William is a talented musician who played guitar for Sting, Genesis and Gong.
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