Franky Hysteria


Franky Franciszek „Franky” Budzbon (born 8.12.1993) - foundator of DFDB Crew, rapper, journalist, editor of, co-author of „Antyrama” in Radio KampusON. Even though he lived always with music, but his very first rap he heard in 2007. It were albums of Hemp Gru, Slums Attack etc. Today it’s hard to belive, that his first tracks were made in this style. Of course the public didnt accepted it, what made him to look for something new. The biggest influence on him had polish underground; rappers like Jimson, VNM or TeTris. In 2009 with the support of Szpalowsky and Osobiesam he made his first professional single track called „Moda”, which was kinda his comeback to the rap scene. In this same year he relased with Perol an EP „Czara Goryczy”. 2010 is a year of propagate the DSDB Crew, gettin new friends on the rap scene, cooparation with pOx on „Antyrama” and

- Franky & Perol - Czara Goryczy EP (2009)
- 59 Crew - Wasze Stare EP (2010)
- 59 Crew - Chujowo, że Gimnazjum Minęło (2010)

- Studio NaGlos - Spontan Paka EP, track „Teraz” (2010)
- Soyer - (Nie)Po Raz Pierwszy, track „Co Ty Mozesz Wiedziec” (2010)

tel. 697848753
gg 546333
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