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Cina Saffary

Cina Saffary I am a dude of not too many words. I'm a computer science student at UT, but school makes me sad in the main, what with all the time you have to spend learning about transistors and chemistry and calculus.

When I am not beat up by education I make some music every now and then in a few different ways and outlets. I tend to not make a whole lot of music, I guess. It happens in spurts. Here's some of it. These days (or I guess I should say years) I've been making mostly NES chiptunes as opposed to guitar stuff since I never have mics around and I can compose whole songs by just programming some chiptunes at my computer. It helps that I think they sound straight-up awesome (have you played Megaman 2?) and it's fun to compose stuff. Also, I am a Nintendo dude since way back, through and through. Works out well.
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