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The Wiseguys

The Wiseguys Somewhere between laid back hip-hop, trip hop. and big beat, popular electronica group The Wiseguys used atmospheric samples produced by DJ Touché (Theo Keating) and Regal (Paul Eve) in the British tradition of The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim. Their critically acclaimed debut, titled 'Executive Suite', was released in '96, soon after which Regal left, leaving DJ Touché to release their second (and final) LP, titled 'The Antidote', in '98. Supported by rappers like Sense Live, Tito-T, Mr. Mojo and Season, they created some American style old-school touch cult classics, before officially disbanding in 2001.

DJ Touché now goes by the pseudonym Fake Blood and makes up one half of the The Black Ghosts (the other member coming from the now defunct electronic group Simian). Regal has released some solo material since 2006. Over the years, talk of a reunion have long endured, and fans don't count the group out just yet.
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