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MachineSoldier MachineSoldier is dark, cold electronic music combining both old school and modern EBM. It is the combination of pulsating hard basses, solid melodies and aggressive beats.

The songs critically evolve around topics like religion, fanaticism and politics, but also more "spiritual" matters like finding yourself and standing up for your believes.

MachineSoldier was formed in 2004 when sole member Jonas Gudjonsson found himself moving further and further away from his electropop past and more and more into the harder EBM scene. A change that really had taken place gradually over the past 10 years or so.

Late 2004 the first 3 track demo called 'Clone I' was released. It was well received but did not land MachineSoldier a record deal. Instead the project progressed in 2005 with new songs and in 2006 MachineSoldier signed with Danish indie label Idle Works.

The debut cd called 'Unit One' was released on 13.11.2006

*all info taken from http://www.machinesoldier.com/
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