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Elexorien Elexorien was formed in Groningen, NL in 2004, originally under the name of Tearful Dawn. They changed the name to the more fitting Elexorien (the Sword of War), named after one sword of Kit Rae's "Swords of the Ancients" series.
They play a mixture of power and viking metal, in which the folk- black- and even death metal influences play a great part as well. The tag "Epic Fantasy Battle metal", although often used with a proper amount of tongue in cheek, does carry weight for this band.
They have been influenced by bands such as Thyrfing, Moonsorrow, Bal-Sagoth, and Old Man's Child. The musichas been described that "Elexorien creates an extremely powerful sound which is jam-packed full of catchy melodies, blazing drums, growls and classically trained female vocals."

Vocalist Iné joined the band in February 2005, and in August of the same year, guitarist Wolve was hailed amongst the ranks of Elexorien.
Drummer Joris left the band in January 2008, but continued to play for ELX until the Ragnarök Festival. Merlijn got in to replace him. Iné left the band in September 2009, a new singer joined the ranks in January 2010: Lotte.

"We have played quite a few concerts all over the Netherlands, the most memorable ones being the gigs with the Dutch leading folk metal heroes Heidevolk, an awesome concert with the well-known Finnish Pagan/Folkmetalband Korpiklaani, and our show at the Eisenwahn Festival in Obersinn, Germany." - Elexorien
Elexorien has recently finished a tour in Finland, one in South America and has many more shows planned, including several festivals outside of the Netherlands.

Current line-up:
Lotte - Vocals
Lainedil - Vocals/Guitar
Wolve - Guitar
Liza - Bass
Bert - Keys
Merlijn - Drums

Former member(s):
Iné - Vocals
Joris - Drums

Elexorien's home on the world wide web is: www.elexorien.com
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