Everything once

Everything At Once

Everything At Once Everything at Once is:
Al Redmond - Vocals
Carl Redmond - Guitar
Tim Lalonde - Guitar
Paul Eccles - Bass
Scott McCurdy - Drums

From the beginning, the band decided to take advantage of every opportunity that came their way. This allowed them to expose their music to a wide audience. After recording and shopping their demo album, label Linus Entertainment offered Everything at Once a recording contract. The band signed with Linus in early 2005, and soon after, they recorded their first full-length album. Their debut CD was released in Canada in August 2005. Their self-titled release is one to be proud of, both critically and artistically. Everything at Once ended 2005 by receiving the award for “Best Rock Recording” at the Hamilton Music Awards held November 20, 2005. After spending 2006 playing shows in the U.S. with bands such as Staind, Three Days Grace, Hinder, Nonpoint, Flyleaf, Soil, and Evans Blue, and receiving a push from radio stations such as WJJO in Wisconsin, The Zone in Victoria and more, Everything at Once is stronger than ever. Recently, the band was reviewed by Metal Hammer Magazine in Germany; the publication rated them the success of the month and listed them number 2 on their play list. Everything at Once is back in the studio with new songs and a new outlook: working as an independent band to get their music heard.
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