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Eskimo The name "Eskimo" can refer to a :
1 - (UK) psy-trance producer,
2 - (US) horrorlounge band,
3 - (Russian) alternative band,
4 - (Brazilian) rock band
5 - (Estonian) instrumental hip-hop artist,
6 - experimental coldwave / post-punk band from the 80-s.
7 - (Latvian) indie rock / electronic band

UK Eskimo:

Eskimo aka Junya is one of the new generation of trance producers. He released his debut artist album "Can You Pick Me Up" aged 17. Including his DJ Sets as DJ Junya, he has been playing worldwide since he was 13.

Eskimo's tunes begin to show up in the sets of psy trance DJs across the globe. By the time he performed his first live set 6 months after the album dropped his repertoire had trebled. Some of his remixes from this time included some of the scenes biggest players such as Infected Mushroom and Skazi, but many are still unreleased due to copyright wrangles.

By the summer of 2004 Eskimo dropped his second artist album "Take A Look Out There", including the track "Party Pooper" sampling the police shutting down a free party. In November 2005 he released his third album, "Balloonatic Part One" and in September 2006 release "Balloonatic Part Two".

US Eskimo:

This band released their first album, Jack, on Long Pig Records in 1990 but are best known for their 1995 release The Further Adventures of Der Shrimpkin. Hailing from the San Francsico Bay-area band - and often compared to Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and The Residents - Eskimo mix punk, funk and improvised jazz with a warped sense of humor and outlandish imagery. Their most recent tracks are web-only releases from 2001, although the band appears to have recently re-formed.

Russian Eskimo:

The Russian band Eskimo began in 2001.
First album "убрать конкурента" (ubrat' konkurenta) - 2004
Second album "ритуал"(ritual) - 2006
Гоша - vocal
Максим - guitar, vocal
Слава - guitar
Миша - bass
Илья - drums
Вова - trumpet

Brazilian Eskimo:

After being a part of several bands (Los Hermanos, Rodox, Biquini Cavadão, Tremula), Patrick Laplan was developing his own expression, observing the rights and wrongs of what he did. So, him and Henrique Zumpichiatti met and started Eskimo. Released an EP with 4 songs in 2006.

Estonian Eskimo:

Eskimo (Martin Kallasvee) is a young and talented hip-hop artist & producer from Estonia. In 2007 he produced his electronic debut album “PSST! - Pole Sõnu Sõnumiks Tarvis” (MindNote records) which is mainly instrumental, with slight touches of jazz. He has co-operated with such estonians like DJ Critical, Heidy Purga, Ilmar Raag and so on. He has created a soundtrack for Ilmar Raag's movie “Klass” which was the best European movie of 42-nd Karlovy Vary IFF.
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