Emmelie De Forest Only Teardrops

Emmelie de Forest

Emmelie de Forest Emmelie de Forest (born 28 February, 1993) is a Danish singer, who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with her song Only Teardrops, Denmark's first victory since Olsen Brothers won in 2000.

Emmelie's mother is Danish and her father is Swedish. She grew up in Mariager, Denmark, but also spent much time in Sweden at her father's farm on the Adelsö island in lake Mälaren outside of Stockholm.

At the age of 14 she began singing at Steve Cameron's Gospel Choir in Hadsund where she got several solo parts. This led to a contract with Steve Cameron who gave her the chance to also conduct the choir. She recorded her first album in 2007 with the second album in 2008, both focusing on classic rock, folk and blues.

Emmelie de Forest claims to be the great-great-grandchild of Queen Victoria, as her grandfather, Count Maurice Arnold de Forest supposedly was an illegimate child of King Edward VII. The claim was made in a Danish newspaper, where her great-grandfather was erroneously specified to be "King Edward X". Her grandfather married into the Swedish nobility (Armfelt family).
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