Elmin Mamedov Soyleme bos seydi heyat

Wilhelmina Slater

Wilhelmina Slater 'I'm Wilhelmina Slater and i don't get wet'.... The words famously uttered by Mode Magazine owner Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams), unaware she was confronted with Golden Girls actress Betty White. This was recorded by some G... olden Girls fans and the footage traveled the world ever since. ''Some queens even made it into a Dance mix and put it on YouTube'', her assistent Mark St. James (Michael Urie) shockingly expressed.

Years later, Mark started a career as a wedding planner in Cleveland and met a woman named Elka Ostrovsky in Cleveland, when he organised the wedding of Victoria Chase/Honor St. Raven/Wendie Malick. This woman looked an awful lot like Betty White. Funny isn't it, Television...
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