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Nest There are several bands, acts and projects called 'Nest' - starting with the most popular (according to Last FM statistics)

1) Nest (fi) is the musical work of Finnish musicians A. Tolonen and T. Saxell.

A. Tolonen appears as guest playing 15-string kantele on the latest Shape of Despair album. The kantele is a traditional Finnish string instrument(ancient & traditional Finnish plucked string instrument of the zither family) Their extraordinary atmospheric sounds are based on Kantele,

Tolonen is also an artist (working mainly with pastels, ink and pencils) and has provided artwork for Nest and Agalloch.

Nest appeared on the Skepticism tribute album Entering the Levitation covering the song "The Gallant Crow" (13:54).

Fabled Lore (Demo), 2000
Hiden Stream (Isafjord / Nest Split), 2001
Woodsmoke (Full-length), 2003
Last Vestige of Old Joy (Agalloch / Nest Split), 2004
Trail of the Unwary (Full-length), 2007
At the Shelter - First Awakening (Live Album), 2014
At the Shelter - Second Arrival (Live Album), 2014
Within a Decade (Compilation of All Studio Material) 2014

Official site: http://iki.fi/atolonen/nest
Nest @ bandcamp: http://nestfin.bandcamp.com/

2) Nest (no/uk): Otto A Totland (also of Deaf Center (Type Records)) and Huw Roberts (Serein) compose and play piano-based ambient, contemporary classical, electronica music.

3) Nest (ch), a swiss band active in the mid 1990s, consisting of Caroline Servy, Markus Fuchs, Thomas Loosli and Adrian Kranz.

4) Nest (us), a Nashville-based alternative/rock band. They can be found at http://www.nesttheband.com/ and http://thenest.bandcamp.com/

5) Nest (aus), a Melbourne(Australia)-based ambient/chillout/lounge electronicpproject can be found here: http://nest.bandcamp.com/
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