Kazan There are 2 artists named "Kazan"

1. Steve (bass guitar) - Julien (guitar/vocals) - Judicaël (guitar) - Vincent (drums) - Pierre-mathieu (vocals)
Born on November 2005, we're a diy-band playing something like hardcore/post hardcore (with wide influences like Converge, Envy, Neurosis or Curl up and die .. if we have to give names ..). Angry and melodic music, sometimes heavy, sometimes fast, with 3 screaming vocals (you'll have a better idea by listening to our stuff, which may be much more useful than reading this bio). After a free demo and about 60 gigs across France and Europe, we've released our first cd (a split with friends from After taste) in September 2008. We don't belong to any "scene", we just believe in friends. We support alternative subcultures, squats, tolerance and eurodance after-parties.

2. Kazan is a vocal and instrumental ensemble founded 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia.
The music that the band creates a combination of various genres, inspired by the motifs of traditional music, primarily from the Croatian, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia.
In November 2013 they released their first EP. They are currently working on material for an album studijskiu.
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