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Pest of a Child

Pest of a Child Pest of a Child was a definitely legendary Latvian ska / punk rock band with clarinet and trombone, self-styled as as positive rock'n'roll formed in Rīga, Latvia in year 1997.

Band have played many unforgettable shows around Latvia like the beginning of "Put on The Music" festival, legendary open-air event "Tabūns" in Kuldīga and more, also their records have been included in some local hardcore / punk music compilations. After then somewhere around year 2002 band take indefinite hiatus - later former members were related in such bands or music projects as When My Authorities Fall, Voiceks Voiska, Jēkabs Nīmanis and others.

The original lineup:

Jēkabs Nīmanis - clarinet, vocals;
Jēkabs Januševskis - trombone, vocals (nowadays Silards);
Jānis Januševskis - guitar, vocals;
Raivis Žukovskis - bass guitar, vocal (nowadays Voiceks Voiska & All Day Long);
Madis Šēnbergs - drums.
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