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Tryptophan 1) Tryptophan is the solo project of Mike Angus of York, England. Characterised by upbeat, sweeping euphoric melodies and rich synth textures, his compositions aim to communicate human emotion purely through music, without the need for vocals or lyrics.

The music is always inspired by something: love, friendships, music, nature and other aspects of life that bring feelings of hope, happiness and relaxation. Without this, the music would not exist. The artist cannot read or write sheet music, and has no formal education of musical theory, but chooses to keep it that way, preferring to compose purely by feel.

Although the music loosely falls into the category of uplifting trance, and in many cases retains the distinctive sound textures and rhythmic feel of the genre, it was never intended as club music. It is written primarily to be listened to rather than danced to, and this is reflected by the level of detail and complexity uncharacteristic of mainstream trance music.

Currently unsigned and relatively unknown, Tryptophan makes his music in his spare time alongside an Electronics degree at the University of York.

He is also the ex-drummer for York-based metal band Pantheon, who currently play small-scale gigs around the UK.

2) There is also a psychedelic punk rock band with the name "Tryptophan"; based in Staten Island NYC USA. See http://www.myspace.com/tryptophan

Image taken from 'A14 The Diviner of Psychedelic Magic' copyright Brian Exton, http://www.picturerealm.co.uk
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