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Monolit There is more than one artist with this name:

1. Band Monolit was formed in 1988. in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. First concert they had in 1989 with BOMBARDER in Chapljina and Sarajevo. Song "Kletva" was first real heavy metal song in Mostar. Band split-up when war begun in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In war in 1993. their drummer Mehic Zlatko – Zube was killed.

2. Monolit is a Swedish hard rock n' roll band.

3. Monolit is a Polsih Thrash Metal band.

2006 two band members made tribute recording song "Kletva" ("Curse", btw, their first song ever made and only one on native language) to a fallen friend, drummer and founding member of band, Zlatko Mehic Zuba, who died in war in 1993!!! Encouraged PEDJA (throughout 90's played with some musicians of known Norwegian metal bands) and SLOBA (continued to play in Canada, recording and performing with many top line rock bands from ex.Yu, playing over 300 shows) decided to work (after "13" long years) again,despite distances and depleted formation!!!

Band is currently recording material on two continents with producer from Sweden Ronnie Bjornstrom!!! And this time NOTHING's gonna stop them...
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