Reciprocal Guitarist Alex Crescioni had left Crushing Skulls in October of 2006 to focus on music that he was creating with former Grimfist drummer Dustin Perle. The two had worked with each other previously and were committed to developing an extreme death metal project together. They knew they would need some serious musicians to complete the band line up.

Jacob Enfinger, Gatekeeper's vocalist, had announced Gatekeeper's disbandment and had united with guitarist Andy McLeod (Andrixx) of Willow Wisp to also start a project of their own. It was not long before Dustin and Alex got word that Jacob and Andy were available to jam. Arrangements were made to get together in Jan 2007.

From the moment they first played together, there was instant chemistry. They recognized each other’s musical abilities and similar musical taste. They shared a common interest to create extremely heavy, technical death metal with catchy riffs that also hold the interest of traditional metal listeners.

After a month of playing together, Andy announced his departure from Willow Wisp after four years with them to focus completely on his new project. In addition, Dustin had also decided to move to the city. Everyone seemed to have the dedication necessary for a successful road ahead.

The name RECIPROCAL manifested as a result of the unending cycle of disagreeing on names and a need to come together as a whole, regardless of any differences or disagreements. After further research and discussion, the band finally came to a unanimous agreement on the name.

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