Coole Russen Party

Coole Piet

Coole Piet Coole Piet is one of the 'pieten', they belong with Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is said to be the origin of the now well known Santa Clause. Pieten are black, and were originally slaves but this was found to be overly racist in a modern context, so now the story goes that they are black from the chimney soot, which they climb down in order to leave presents in the children's shoes. Sinterklaas is a Dutch celebration, but it's also celebrated in Belgium. It is celebrated on the 5 to the 6th of December. Sinterklaas and his Pieten leave presents for all the children in the Netherlands.
Coole piet is a rap piet. He raps and it's really cool. He wears bling bling. Every piet is something different. You have the Sorry piet, who apologizes for everything. And the Test piet, who always gets to test new stuff.
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