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Bomba Bomba

Bomba Bomba Formed in 1991, Bomba Bomba are considered by the posse movement among the precursors of Italian hip hop.

The band, professing devotion to reggae music, made their first album in 1992.

Still in 1992, Bomba Bomba made a first successful appearance at “AREZZO WAVE 92” a festival of new trends in rock music.

From this point on, the fame of the band grew to reaching more fans across the whole peninsula, also as a result of appearing in: Universi Posse 92, in Rome’s Olympic Stadium, the Hip Hop Festival in Grosseto; the Sunsplash in Spilimbergo; the Metarock in Pisa; as well as other concerts in different Italian venues.

Bomba Bomba later founded the label Cucca & Racha to produce a compilation of Tuscany’s reggae groups (No Problem vol.1), including two of their tracks “Caramba” and “Referendum” and the LP entitled “Compresse”.

In 2002, the track “Referendum” (already featured in the 1993 Leoncavallo compilation Piantatela!) became the music score for the film “Erba Proibita” and the 4 tracks LP “Buona Pesca” was released.
In November of the same year, Bomba Bomba presented their new single “Cowboy”.

In 2004 the duo from Pistoia released “Bomba Libera Tutti!”, produced by Dubital with great collaborations like Sly & Robbie, Mad Professor, Dean Fraser, and in 2005, the first extract of “Vieni Via Con Me” was mixed by the English producer and dub genius Mad Professor.

Bomba Bomba was on stage again as part of the “Metarock 2005” during the “Crazy Dub Night” alongside the biggest names of the international dub scene (Dennis Bowell and Adrian Sherwood) and under the direction of the spectacularly fit Mad Professor on the mixing desk.

In June 2007 the band will release their new album "anima e corpo", a double cd featuring the Mad Profesor again.
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