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Laughing Clowns

Laughing Clowns Laughing Clowns, commonly misspelled as The Laughing Clowns are a post punk band who formed in Sydney in 1979. In five years, the band released: three LPs, two mini albums, and various singles and compilations. Laughing Clowns sound is free jazz, bluegrass and krautrock influenced. Vocalist and guitarist Ed Kuepper and drummer Jeff Wegener are the only constant members.

They disbanded in 1985 with Kuepper continuing to record and perform under his own name.

In 1995, the Hot label released a compilation of Laughing Clowns songs with the title Golden Days: When Giants Walked the Earth.

In 2004, Kuepper and Wegener began performing together on Ed Kuepper's MFLL project, a live performance of soundtracks to short films, and have toured Australia as a two-piece since.

Another anthology of Laughing Clowns material, Cruel but fair, was released on 3 October 2005 by the Hot label. It is a 3CD set which contains every studio recording previously released by the band.

The Laughing Clowns - with Kuepper & Wegener plus Louise Elliott on sax, Biff Millar on upright bass and Alister Spence on keyboard - played a couple of live shows in early 2009, including a unique show at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art. This was their first full Brisbane show in over two decades. A live recording of parts of that show has been released.

The same band also played a few live shows in early 2010. As part of the All Tomorrow's Parties format, they played a set which matched their "History of Rock n Roll Vol 1" compilation album from 1984.

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