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Townshadows project Andrey Taranowski Gula is a man who wanted played on the strings of a sunny light inside of a deep darkness! ;-)
He began studying classical guitar at the age of 12 years, which later transformed into a passion for rock music. Invisibly come interest to creation the synthetic sound and born a desire to master the synthesizer, which made it possible to create music of another kind...
Townshadows project, actually, is a project of one author, the idea of the project has arisen in Kiev, Ukraine at 1989. Till this time being by the rock-guitarist, Andrey Taranowski Gula executed guitar music, mainly, in different groups (for example Symbolic Gesture), but after in due course has taken a great interest in playing on a synthesizer (at that point in time Polivoks and Aelita, a domestic production) and began to compose products of other stylistics.
Tastes were affected by such executors, as Peter Gabriel, Rush, Queen, Ultravox, Sparks, Police, Talk Talk...
The first record has been made in Moscow only in 2002 when there were technical possibilities.
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