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Nicolaj Grandjean Nikolaj Grandjean was born in 1973 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Discovering his music talent early on, he started with writing songs for birthdays as a child. At early age he learned to play drums and was writing rap-lyrics, before moving on to playing guitar as a teen. Unlike his peers, Nikolaj instantly began writing his own material, instead of learning how to play known songs.

At the beginning of his career Grandjean played in various rock bands, never really enjoying having to share the song writing with others. In collaboration with Danish singer Tanja Thulau and producer Per Vibskov he signed contract with Sony. After working on an album for 3 years, however, it was dropped by the label.

Grandjean went on to write songs for various top 10 Danish artists and in the beginning of the millennium was nominated for a Danish Grammy. In collaboration with Tanja Thulau and young jazz musicians he forms bandLuke, making rather dreamy electronic sounds. Being a songwriter, guitarist and co-lead singer really puts Grandjean to work. Luke releases three albums, “Luke” (2003), “Nurse and Amaze” (2005), and “Guaratiba” (2006), and achieves another Grammy nomination for best Danish new act in 2003.

During recordings with Luke on a mountainside in Brazil, Grandjean gets quite handy with the recording devices and with close friend, opera singer Mikkel Lomborg by his side, he decides to start recording his material himself as a proclaimed singer. This partnership defines a radical change in Grandjean’s life and career. With support of label man, DJ, producer and recording artist Kenneth Bager, his first solo album, “Carrying Stars”, was released in 2008. For a while he toured around the world, playing more than a hundred shows, on big and small venues. He also toured playing his songs with the Danish National Radios Girlschoir.

Several of his songs were used in film and TV. In 2011 he wrote an original improvised score for the Swiss/Italian film “Summer Games” (2011). His song “Shift to reverse” (2008) was used in the Showtime series “House of lies” (2012) episode “Wonders of the World” (2013) and the song “Heroes and Saints” (2008) was featured in the Brazilian TV novella ‘Viver a vida’ (2010) earning Grandjean a lot of attention in Portuguese speaking countries. He furthermore achieved a platinum record writing and producing entertaining educational children’s music with friend Mikkel Lomborg, who now is a very popular tv character.

In 2013 he started collaborating with Danish rapper and producer professionally known as Machacha on the experimental project ‘Dobbeltsyn’. Their first album is due to be out in 2014.

In 2013 German label Embassy of Music picked up on Grandjean’s new recordings. His new album “Together” was released on May 2, 2014.
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