Claydee mamacita buena


Claydee “Claydee Lupa” is a songwriter/producer based in Athens, Greece. He lives for his music and this does not come unnoticed in his tracks, which is why he is working with some of the top and most respected artists in Europe.

He made a great impact in the European music scene with his major hit “The End” by Reckless and followed his success with “Last Summer” by Nicko and “Call me” which all three became instant hits within 6 months of their release.

His name and/or work can be found in almost every chart in Europe and he is the most requested producer in Greece. Quality comes second to none and Claydee lives, breathes, and represents this in every way possible, from his music, to his everyday life.

He has recently applied the above in a newly formed production group going by the name of “BEETKRAFT” which aims to deliver the best possible productions for specific quality projects and artists based both in Greece and worldwide.

On May 2012 he released his new dance single "Mamacita Buena".
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