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Swan Fyahbwoy

Swan Fyahbwoy This Madrid-based Dancehall Crew label artist, began his career as a dancehall/reggae DJ in the early 2006 and ever since has achieved a place in both Spanish and international reggae scene, being particularly popular in Spanish-speaking countries.

Mario "La Cobra" Olivares, widely known Spanish dancehall/reggae producer, has been in charge of producing most of Swan Fyahbwoy's songs.

In April 2006 all of his works were recorded and mixed by Javier Ustara in the Madrid studio Musigrama.

Presented on an international level in his internet debut, Swan Fyahbwoy's promo: "Ni Chance Ni Try" has surpassed the 20.000 downloads since May 2006. Also, it's worthy to mention the good acceptance that Swan AKA Fyahbwoy's official MySpace has had from May 2006 to this day with 65.000 visits and more than 100.000 listens.

From late 2006 on he's been travelling to Jamaica in order to prepare his upcoming albums.

His discography can be found for free at:
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