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The Chuck Norris Experience The Chuck Norris Experience is one of the many projects of Michael Gowienczyk. It is a experimental noise rock-centred band. It has been described as "It sounds to me almost like you're actually TRYING to be inaccessible." and "Some of your tracks veer towards reaching some kind of pseudo-enlightened musical ambivalence, but then just drop out in a sea of notes that seem to be out of tune on purpose."

It started in 2005 as a prime joke band on the music forums of gaiaonline but enveloped into something a little more fun and worthwhile. Enveloping several influences in 2005 (mostly Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band and Sonic Youth at the time.) and released a untitled EP of two songs using light distortion, down-tuning to the complete lowest possible and implementing harsh vocals at times. Recovered in 2007, the original work was lost and Michael began working on it some more. Now implementing some Melvins influence. Going for complete utter shit quality and bad musicianship, the EP "2005-2008: the Demos" was released and struck some light interest over some forums. The album is incomplete and said to be scrapped. In early 2008, the "Buried Alive EP" was released and shown another completely different direction void of Melvins ideas. It was more in key to a few bands like Lightning Bolt due to Michael listening to the band at the time, but not quite. It was still purely guitar compositions as akin to the Demos release in 2007. Later in the year in August, two new EPs (including a compilation to mix them) were released. Both being one track EPs containing bass but still no percussion. Michael cites the albums inspiration being Mclusky and Big Black. Although if this came through well on the one track EP is up to the listener; Showing there was more direction and structure now.

After the aforementioned EPs were released, a month later a 2-track EP called "The Orange EP" was released which showed vocal influence from bands like Ignite and others, not to mention the Chuck Norris Experience going back to their roots. The EP holds a instrumental and vocal version of the track, Nothing Rhymes with Orange. Michael, as usual with his work wrote it off as shit. A split with Uncle Grapefruit followed almost immediately. In the same month, a very well-liked EP came out; "A Pleasant Day in Wisconsin", after such approval by the fanbase a full length was announced. It wasn't until late october until this full length, "Welcome to the Chuck Norris Experience" was released. Mostly, though it was more structured and paced than the prior EP which displayed more chaotic rawness. Either way after a quick EP in november it seemed the band went quiet. This was rebuked when Michael announced that a follow-up to the full length was already in the planning stages. This did not go through well as Michael's bass amp (or part of it) seemingly went out. Rather than writing a "Fade to Black" in annoyance, he looked to Jesse Waldron (of Piff Pond) for help. As a friend for the past year or two, agreed and offered his basslines (and other effects) to the band. Pleased to have bass, construction on the album finally began around December 27th or so.

Despite ongoing effort, Jesse Waldron couldn’t send much usable effort so Michael went to looking into other bassists for current alternatives in which he looked to fellow Minutemen fan William Jollay. By June 18th, Michael was getting impatient. As luck would have it William hadn’t sent any tracks to Michael due to lack of proper equipment and the LP that was to be in development went to the trash. Forward to April 2010 almost a year later-- with work on a new EP and LP and with input and trust in Jollay (who had now gotten equipment) and others like RBF friend Jacob of Spoony Freedom the Experience was put back into the writing stages. A early summer release date is expected.

The current members of Gowienczyk are:

Michael Gowienczyk (lead & rhythm guitar)
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