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Cameron Cartio Cameron Cartio (Persian: کامرون کارتیو), born Kamran on 9 April 1978 in Tehran, Iran, is a well known Swedish pop singer and songwriter of Iranian descent.
Cameron is signed to a record deal with Sony MUSIC and a publishing deal with UNIVERSAL MUSIC.
Currently in 2010, he is working on his second woldwide untitled release album.
At eight years old, Cartio's family left Tehran to spend a year in Barcelona, after which they moved to Malmö in southern Sweden. Cartio and his family ended up in Rosengård.
Cameron Cartio made his debut in Melodifestivalen 2005 with his song "Roma". It made it to the Top 5 of the Swedish music charts peaking at #4 (April 2005).[1] The lyrics of "Roma" were written in a made-up language, "borderless language of love" as he calls it. He also made a Spanish language version of the same song. He followed that with his first studio album Borderless.
Cameron Cartio sings and speaks in different languages, including Persian, English, and Spanish; the latter was learned in Spain where he lived in a year. He is popular in Iran, Sweden, Spain, Greece and the Middle East. The bilingual English/Spanish "Don't Tell Me Tonight" a song with Edurne made it to the Top 40 on the Greek radio charts. His song Henna (partly in Arabic) and his collaboration with Cheb Khaled made him popular throughout the Arab World.
Coming from an artistic family certainly helped as well. His brother Alec Cartio, a music producer and music video director made the video for his catchy hit "Ni Na Nay".

In his 2006 hit "Henna" that Cartio wrote for his ex-girlfriend, he collaborated in the song with Cheb Khaled making two different versions of the video with different themes, but both featuring the famous Algerian-French rai star.
Another collaboration was with the Lebanese-Greek Cypriot Sarbel in "Mi Chica" a simultaneous double hit for Sarbel in Greek featuring Cameron Cartio (in Persian) and a separate hit for Cameron Cartio version all in Persian.
Cartio's English language hit "Don't Tell Me Tonight" features Spanish pop singer Edurne

Borderless, 2006
It contains the following songs:

Ni Na Nay
Henna (featuring Cheb Khaled)
Toi Azizam
Roma Remix
Henna Extended
Henna (Video Clip version)
Roma (Video Clip version)

Year /Single/ Chart /Peak position /Weeksin chart
2005/ Roma /Swedish Top 60 Singles /4 /8

Roma (for Melodifestivalen)
Rahatam Man Joz ba Too
Henna (with Khaled) (2005)
Henna (Spanish Version with Khaled) (2006)
Ni Na Nay
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