Sura Project

Sura Project Sura Project is a Dutch/international alternative band from Utrecht consisting of 4 members:
Vasia Bratchuk - vocals, piano/keys, acoustic guitar ;
Robert Szulc - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, back vocals;
Jim Bloemkolk - drums, back vocals;
Linus Kleynjan - bass guitar;

The band came to existence in 2010 shortly after Vasia and Robert met one another due to a Muse live show (Nijmegen, Goeffertpark, 19 June). First rehearsals took place in September. First songs played together were Dark Shines (Muse) and High&Dry (Radiohead). The original line-up consisted of Robert Szulc, Jim Bloemkolk, Milan Mastbergen and Vasia Bratchuk. Robert and Jim know each other since early years, having been classmates at Gerrit Rietveld College in Utrecht. There they took part in a instrumental cover-band called "MUTE" covering Beatles and Muse songs.
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