4Th Cekcion

4Th Cekcion http://www.aftersabbath.com/2013/11/the-day-after-sabbath-93-keep-on.html
Released by the small Bellaire, Texas-based Solar Recording Corporation, 4th Cekcion's s/t LP was produced by Fred Carroll and was played by Louie Broussard (drums), Richard Cantu (woodwind), Greg Isaacs (vox, keys), Mike St. Clair (bass) and Stewart Rojo (gtr, brass) and Gary Weldon (brass). According to Badcatrecord's review: "A couple of the members remained active in the Texas music scene, reappearing in 5 Easy Pieces (Louie Broussard) and The Funk Factory (Greg Isaacs, Richard Cantu, Stewart Rojo and Gary Weldon)"

The album is a nice find, featuring a fair number of hard tracks with psychedelic overtones that steer it away from the commercial sheen of Chicago and BS&T etc.
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